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5 Multi-blacklist Search tools - Blacklist email and spammers 2016

Posted by I S L A M A D I N A on 10.09.2016

There are hundreds if not thousands of databases that list “abusive hosts” for the likes of email filtering services as well as ISP’s. They’re looking for a list of known “bad” URLs and IP addresses to block in order to protect clients from potential malware, viruses or general nasty online stuff.

The Abusive Hosts Blocking List
One particularly well-known list is simply called The Abusive Hosts Blocking List, and it consists of a large database of known abusive hosts. This list is generally used to identify email spammers, but getting your domain on this list could lead to your emails not reaching recipients – making it very hard to go about your daily business

database and search for your domain, a much easier approach is to use a service like BlackListAlert that conducts a search across multiple databases for you. This is the most popular blacklist check service out there. The odds are that if you’re in a blacklist database anywhere out there, this site will likely find it

MX Toolbox
Another very popular multi-blacklist search tool is a site called MX Toolbox. MX is similar to BlackListAlert in how it displays the results next to each blacklist domain name

you’ve ever used the popular WhatIsMyIPAddress webpage to find out your current IP address, you may be surprised to learn that the site also offers a convenient blacklist check tool for your IP address or domain

This one will query each blacklist database, and show either a green “Not Found” if you’re clean, or it’ll alert you with a red status if you’re listed there

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